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Q. Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to open a Schlotzsky’s® franchise?
While you personally don’t need to have previous experience, we do require someone on your team to have restaurant operating experience. We believe a successful franchisee will share our vision of growth and success, while having fun in a great atmosphere.
Q. Is Schlotzsky’s® offering single and multi-unit opportunities?
Schlotzsky’s® only offers multi-unit development opportunities. The minimum number of units for development is three. There are some markets that may require more than three.
Q. What is the initial franchise fee?
The initial franchise fees are as follows:

  • Schlotzsky’s® – $30,000
  • Cinnabon® – $7,500

We also offer discounted franchise fees for larger developments.

Q. What type of training will I receive as a new Schlotzsky’s® franchisee?
We offer four weeks of comprehensive training in all aspects of operating your Schlotzsky’s®. All training occurs at our training facility and one of our corporate restaurants in Austin, Texas.
Q. Does Schlotzsky’s® offer financing?
No. However, we do offer advice and help for navigating through the finance process. Our finance team can help you with questions and has relationships with various approved lenders for both conventional and SBA programs to get you started on your path to becoming a Schlotzsky’s® owner.
Q. How soon can I expect to open my Schlotzsky’s® franchise?
Typically, it takes a full year after you sign the franchise agreement to open one of our locations. A development schedule will be identified at the time you sign the franchise agreements.
Q. Where are Schlotzsky’s® generally located?
There are Schlotzsky’s® franchise locations in various cities across the country and internationally. Usually, our locations are found in highly visible retail-synergetic areas near major traffic thoroughfares.
Q. Will I have a protected territory?
Absolutely. The territory you will be given will be protected, and the size of the territory will depend on the trade area in your marketplace.
Q. Will I receive guidance on purchasing restaurant equipment and supplies?
Yes, this is part of our support. We have approved vendors that supply our owners with all equipment and supplies. We negotiate the prices with all of our vendors, so franchisees get the best possible price on all items. The design and construction team will walk you through this process.
Q. Will I receive assistance in planning a Schlotzsky’s® grand opening?
Absolutely. Prior to opening your restaurants, you’ll be assigned a personal marketing manager. Plus, you’ll work closely with the marketing team to create the best grand opening program possible in your market.
Q. How do I get started?
We make it easy. Simply complete the form or call 1-800-983-8730. Once it is received, we will contact you to discuss your interest, experience, market, and timing for development of a Schlotzsky’s® franchise. Next, we will meet with you face-to-face along with our senior executive management team in Austin so that you can experience our world-class support. Once you are approved, we will immediately begin working with you to identify sites and get you properly trained and ready to open your restaurant.

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