As franchise owners of many Schlotzsky’s® locations in the Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio markets, Jackie and Cary Albert were excited to introduce the re-brand of Schlotzsky’s® with the new Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery® prototype.

Schlotzsky’s® originated in Austin 45 years ago as a single sandwich shop. The new restaurant design and menu celebrates the city’s heritage and legendary vibe, and Jackie says it’s been a big hit with customers.

“The response we’ve gotten to the brand has been exceptional. The atmosphere is exciting and the design is fresh. The introduction of beer and wine is something new to this area and people really like it.”

Cary adds, “We saw an immediate increase in our average ticket. The branding lends itself to people coming in for dinner, where before the bulk of our business was done at lunch. They’ll have a glass of wine or beer, try our new menu items, and that raises the average ticket and our profit potential as well.”

The great vibes of the new restaurant franchise are a win for Jackie and Cary’s customers. And their employees share their enthusiasm.

“We have over 800 employees and we do everything we can in our power to make sure they have a great place to work. We love our people. It’s a family. We all love to have fun, and we get to have fun at work,” said Cary.

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