We’re excited to share an article that recently appeared in the Indianapolis Business Journal—the leading publication for Central Indiana business and financial news—celebrating the return of the Schlotszky’s® franchise to Indianapolis!

When the first Schlotszky’s® came to Indianapolis in 1993, our business model and concept were both very different than what is rolling out in some markets – and soon-to-be coming in Indianapolis. Back in the ‘90s, the Schlotszky’s® franchise bought property and built stores first, then sought franchise owners to take over those locations. But things have changed. Rapid growth is not the main focus of this expansion as Schlotszky’s® has a lot in the works right now.

The Indianapolis locations will all be built using the company’s exciting, new concept, Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery®. This new concept creates a fresh customer experience that promotes the local flavor of Schlotszky’s® Austin, Texas roots. All the decor and menu items are now inspired by the Texas city’s unique food culture, including items like chipotle steak sliders and brisket street tacos. It’s a new twist on one of your favorite brands!

Indianapolis is among a handful of cities that Schlotszky’s® is targeting now because its population density, demographics and traffic patterns fit the company’s model.

“We’re looking for, initially, three sites,” Schlotszky’s® President Kelly Roddy told IBJ. “We’d feel really good if we got something open by next summer.” Eventually, Roddy said the company believes the Indianapolis market could support about 20 locations.

If you’re interested in owning a Schlotszky’s® franchise, fill out the GET STARTED form below and own this unique deli franchise today!


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