Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery® was featured in an article published by restaurant publication, Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN). The article titled, “The evolution of the modern dinner date,” explains how today’s dinner dates tend to be more casual and affordable. The author says, “The rise of online dating culture has helped drive the evolution toward casual, low-pressure dates. The casual dinner date trend and the Austin Eatery transformation align perfectly for Schlotzsky’s® franchise owners.

Schlotzsky’s® president, Kelly Roddy, shares how the hip, relaxed atmosphere of the new Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery® is the ideal date spot for modern daters. The updated menu features tasty shareable options and craft beer and wine, enticing guests to dine in for dinner. Also, soft seating and warm lighting also encourages guests to hang out for a while – and potentially spend more money while in the restaurant.

The transformation helps boost the dinner daypart, which may translate to more profit for Schlotzsky’s® franchise owners. Although the Austin Eatery transformation is not yet complete, the results are in: Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery® is a hit. In the transformed Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery® restaurants, evening traffic is up more than 30 percent.

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